"Excuse me please. My ear is full of milk..."

– Oliver Hardy, Going Bye Bye (1934)

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United States Constitution Rant


Because too many of us United States citizens make this claim, or that claim, about how our "Constitutional rights" are being trampled, but we don't really have a clue what the actual text of the U.S. Constitution says.

Well, since you're reading this, there's no longer any excuse for not knowing for yourself exactly what the Constitution says. Read it for yourself and don't be misled by the unfounded claims often touted by popular media outlets.

The Document

Here's a PDF transcription of the United States Constitution [ page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4 ] from the National Archives and Records Administration.


The USConstitution.net web site is probably one of the most complete sources of U.S. Constitution resources I've seen. Here you can read a html version of the constitution.

If you're reading this, and you're not using a PDA or a phone to browse, it's probably because your browser doesn't support currently used web standards. Try one of the newer up-to-date web browsers listed at the previous link and check out what you've been missing.