"Excuse me please. My ear is full of milk..."

– Oliver Hardy, Going Bye Bye (1934)

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A little bit about Tom Sneddon...

I guess that I should include a little something about myself here.

Why I did this site:

Originally my home page was a frame in my intranet site at work. A place that I could put links to various things that I like and use daily, but are not work related.

Lately it's been little more than a testbed for all of the crazy CSS page layout ideas that I dream up.

Currently I'm trying to make it more useful again. I'll be adding stuff that I think is useful, but tend to forget if I don't use very often.

What's with "Excuse me please. My ear is full of milk."?

I love Laurel and Hardy, and this line seems to capture the essence of the ridiculous situations that were quite normal for this duo. I have used this as the tag line for my web site since 1997 or 1998 (I can't rememember exactly), and I'll probably continue to use it as long as I have a personal web site.

See an 800x600 pixel version of the Laurel and Hardy screenshot you see above the site menu.

What I like:

God, family, friends, web site design, digital photography, Chineese food, Laurel and Hardy, dogs, analog electronics, Diet Mountain Dew, astronomy, Linux (openSUSE preferred), music, programming Perl, Doctor Who, cake donuts, spring and summer, sleep, Dvorak keyboards, bicycling, and more geek stuff than you would care to read about...

My résumé:

You can take a look at my résumé if you like.

Quirks and strangeness:

Keyboard Layout

Picture of the Dvorak keyboard layout.
This is the Dvorak keyboard layout

I really love using the Dvorak keyboard layout. Most people just give me kind of a blank stare when they find this out. I guess they are trying to figure out why in the world someone would go to all the bother to learn another keyboard layout. What could possibly be wrong with the standard qwerty keyboard? Why would I want to switch? For me, the answers are...

  1. I have clumsy fingers, which leads to answer #2.
  2. I never could learn to touch-type with the QWERTY layout. I knew where all the letters were, but I just couldn't hit some of them without looking. This was especially true with some of the more awkward key combinations.
Now I not only touch-type, but I actually type faster than the average clumsy fingered person! No more finger gymnastics trying to conform to the awkward QWERTY key placements.

Favorite Cookie

Samoas® a.k.a. Caramel deLites® are absolutely the best cookies on the face of the earth.

A taste of heaven!

Why am I telling you what my favorite cookie is? Well... it just seemed like the thing to do.

Favorite Candy Bar

The Crunky bar.     ...really!

Front: crunky_front_sm.jpg (2K)   Back: crunky_back_sm.jpg (2K)