"Excuse me please. My ear is full of milk..."

– Oliver Hardy, Going Bye Bye (1934)

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Hi. My name is Tom... and I'm a recovering gradient amplifier engineer.

I worked in the design of MRI gradient amplifiers for 16 years. It's just one of those things that's kind of addictive. The real hook is when you visit a hospital and watch patients getting the help they need from equipment that you had a part in designing.

Over the last decade or so we have seen tremendous advancements in MRI, as well as all of the other medical imaging modalities. The technical advancements have been very exciting. But even better is the sense of fulfillment from playing a small part in saving lives and eliminating invasive exploritory procedures.

If you want to find out more about MRI check out the links listed below.

If you have any other links that you want to have listed here, just to me.

MRI Links...

An Introduction to MR by Graham Wright, Ph.D., University of Toronto/Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

The basics of MRI by Joseph P. Hornak, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology

MRI Tutor by J.R. Ballinger, U of Florida - short descriptions of the basic concepts of MRI

ISMRM The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

MRI Artifact Gallery by C.D. Gregory, BMRL

University of Utah Medical Imaging Research Laboratory I've visited there to do some amplifier testing. They are great people, and they have a great facility.